Information Technology Enabled Services

Software development services

ITES  are web-enabled services that cover the entire range of operations by using information technology for improving the efficiency of an organization. IT-enabled services help in improving the quality of services. Information technology-enabled services to provide value addition in the form of-

It includes a wide variety of operations that uses information technology to improve the efficiency of an organization. Most of the major companies in the world prefer India for outsourcing IT Enable Services (ITES). The Philippines is also a popular destination for ITES. It is due to the availability of a relatively cheaper and more talented workforce, which helps reduce costs and improve service standards. If a company takes similar services from a developed nation, it will demand a minimum of three or four times the premium as compared to India or the Philippines.

In the modern era, Information and communication technology has become one of the basic requirements. The Use of Information Technology is essential to perform the tasks of our daily life. Information technology-enabled services are providing a wide range of services, from supporting the industry to transforming them. Companies are focusing on offshore technology providers to meet their requirements for cost-competitive technology. IT-enabled services have made a significant contribution to the Indian Economy.

Services we offered under the Information Technology Enabled Services


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