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Voice & Non-voice

Voice and Non-voice services can provide very effective customer service by providing support round the clock.  Voice jobs may require having good oratory skills and good communication ability in English. The non-voice process may not require excellent oratory skills, as the persons working here will not have to interact with the customers directly.


 A voice process consists of two types, which are the inbound voice process and the Outbound Voice process.

Inbound Voice 

As the name implies, this process handles all incoming calls of the customers and these calls may be regarding various types of issues. When a call is received from a customer, a Call Center Service Provider will try to resolve the issue. The issue can be resolved over the phone instantly, or a suitable complaint will be raised.

A customer can make a phone call to customer care for certain technical support, or raise a complaint. Also, the call can be made for billing issues or else to know about various offers and plans being offered by the company.

When the call center services executive clears the issues raised by the customers, it can help to sell the products more easily.

Outbound Voice 

An outbound process is tougher than the inbound voice process, as here the customer care executive needed to make n call to the customers. The customer care executive has to gain the attention of the customers while making such calls and start pitching for the product. It is important to explain the benefits of the products in a meaningful way that can appeal to the customers.

Normally, a customer care executive makes hone call for selling a product and resolve an issue. Also, the call is made to explain the latest offers made by the company and what benefits are there with the offers. An outbound call center outsourcing agency needs to convince the customers about the benefits of the products. The service of a suitable outbound call center is gaining in popularity as it can make a significant drive to earn more revenue.

Non-Voice process

The call center services is outbound, this process, does not require receiving or making a phone call to the customers. This process requires the skill of writing or typing and the ability to understand the type of query for making the right processing. This is a very significant process for handling customer issues through emails and chat support.

Email support in Non-Voice 

 Email support involves processing much information sought through emails and sending a suitable reply. It is very significant to know the drafting skills for an email and to send appropriate information in Email support. Though email support does not involve interacting with a customer through voice, it needs to be resolved within a short time.

Email support can be very effective to gain customer confidence by resolving the issues systematically. It can be very unobtrusive and will not cause any disturbance to a customer, while it can sell the main points easily.

Chat support in a Non-voice 

Compare to the email support process, the chat support process is much tougher as it requires spontaneity on the part of the customer executive. The executive of call center services may be needed to answer questions of various customers at a time, which requires a lot of skill. Normally, in such a process, the rate of traffic is higher in the daytime as compared to nighttime traffic.

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